Spotlight: Domino® Sugar "Golden Sugar"

Is it just me or does the song “Pour Some Sugar on Me” come to mind when seeing this picture? In case you haven’t heard, Domino® Sugar has done it again! They have created a fantastic product called “Golden Sugar”, and it is the next big thing!

Golden Sugar is a less-processed alternative to traditional white sugar (read: more cake indulging) and who could say no to that? But wait there’s more! It is a cup-for-cup replacement, so you don’t have to stress about trying to figure out any new measurements.

As I get older, my attention to less-processed ingredients continues to grow, and this product checks all the right boxes. To help you all get started, I made a bourbon molasses caramel with Domino® Golden Sugar, and it is the perfect filling or topping for your favorite desserts!


Vanilla Cake Recipe:

5 cups of All-Purpose Flour

3 cups of Domino® Golden Sugar

½ tbsp of Baking Soda

½ tbsp of Baking Powder

2 tsp of Salt

1 ½ cups buttermilk

1 ½ cups water

2 cups vegetable oil

8 large eggs

4 tsp of vanilla extract

*all wet ingredients should be at room temperature


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F

  2. Mix dry ingredients in large bowl and whisk until fully combined

  3. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix together until no lumps. Be careful not to overmix!

  4. Pour into baking pans and bake for 35-40 mins. Cake is cooked when toothpick comes out with a few clinging crumbs.

Bourbon Molasses Caramel Filling:

1 cup of Domino® Golden Sugar

1/4 cup water

1/2 cup heavy cream

1 tbsp high-end bourbon (I prefer to use Woodford Reserve)

1/8 tsp molasses (more to taste)


  1. Pour Domino® Golden Sugar and water into sauce pan

  2. Heat on medium low heat. Constantly swirling (do not stir) until the caramel turns a dark amber color

  3. When the caramel is just about dark amber color, heat the heavy cream in the microwave for about 15 seconds till room temp. If the heavy cream is too cold, it can make the caramel harden too quickly so make sure to check the temp!

  4. After gradually stirring in heavy cream, stir in bourbon and molasses

  5. Add pinch of salt to taste


For this cake, I am not one to choose between desserts, so I decided to combine my favorites: cake and ice cream.

This cake is inspired by the Black Tap restaurant’s milkshakes, and the bourbon caramel using Domino® Golden Sugar was the perfect addition for the layer filling and the generous caramel helping on top! It was seriously out of this world, and the would make the most adorable birthday cake (I mean hello what says birthday more than cake and ice cream??)

So grab a fork, and let’s dig in!

Stay Sweet <3


All that Glitters- 24k Gold Raspberry Macarons

We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then, and when I say “treat yourself”, I mean indulge in life’s finest desserts. Not sure what makes macarons so tantalizing— maybe it’s the jewel tone colors, the decadent fillings or the fact that the most romantic city (aka Paris) has perfected them.

My take on this elegant dessert involves raspberries, Swiss meringue buttercream, and Slo Food Group’s edible gold— can you say luxe?!

I know what you are probably thinking… is the gold really edible? and the answer is yes! Edible gold is extremely delicate (read: careful while handling) and refined that it can instantly take your dessert to another level! Your family and friends might be so impressed that you will be the new designated dessert maker. Can’t say I didn’t warn you :)

Check out the below ways you can incorporate edible gold into your next dessert!

  1. Decorative Details- A great way to use gold is as a decorative detail like in these raspberry macarons. They are easy to apply by just using some kitchen tweezers and draping over fruit, macarons, cakes— anything you name it! You can see how to apply the gold in my video located in my Instagram’s IGTV.

  2. Luxe Linings- Geode cakes continue to be a very popular trend and also an excellent way to incorporate gold! Use the gold leaf to accentuate the geode outline on your next cakes, macarons, etc.! The possibilities are endless!

  3. Coveted coatings- Gold leaf is also a perfect covering to your delicious cake pops! An elegant touch to spruce up your cake pops for weddings, parties, you name it!

Click the picture above to start ordering your gold leaf from SloFoodGroup today- trust it me it will not disappoint!

Enjoy and Stay Sweet!



Top 5 Macaron Tips

The macaron (or “Macs” as I call them) can be a tricky dessert to make. I mean even the name itself can be tricky to say, so they get a bad rap if you know what I mean. Most people steer clear of making these little devils, and I have seen more times that I can count that people are SCARED to make them (WHAT?!) Have no fear, you are not alone! I’ve been through hell and back with these cookies, and I can confidently say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

The best tip I can give for anyone making macarons (not just beginners) is to have fun! Don’t worry about the rise of the feet, the flatness of the top, etc. as long as they taste good that’s really all that matters. With that being said, I know there are some perfectionists (like me) thinking “yeah yeah, but I want them to look perfect and professional”. And to that I say, the least you strive for perfection and the more you strive to just “practice” you will get better and better in no time. For the longest time, I would beat myself that the macarons weren’t as “perfect” or didn’t look like other pictures etc. and I finally let that pressure go. Instead, I used each attempt as a learning lesson. After time, I realized that I was putting less pressure on myself to be “perfect'“ that I was enjoying the learning process and how I could push myself to improve and be better! Life is already tough, no need to stress over a delicious cookie! Cut yourself a break :)


With that said, I get SO many questions on hollows, macaronage process, etc. so I tried to highlight a few of my top tips below:

Tip 1: If the tops of your macarons are cracking, it is probably because the batter is overmixed and there are too many air bubbles. Try to whip the egg whites until just stiff peaks. A trick I learned is if you tip the bowl slightly to the side and see the batter sliding, it is not stiff enough. The batter should not move at all once tipped to side. Also, make sure you oven is not too hot. It can make the macarons rise too fast causing cracks.

Tip 2: Prevent hollows by removing as much air bubbles as possible. You can check out my earlier blog post (search “no hollows”) for visuals, but it is best to press the batter against sides of bowl until very little air bubbles remain. BEWARE to not press too hard though as it will make the batter runny

Tip 3: I prefer to cook at a lower temp for longer preferably around 285-290F. This helps the Macs stabilize and not break as they puff up and grow feet

Tip 4: Sticky bottoms/sticking to mat is because the macarons have not cooked long enough. Try leaving them in for an additional 2-3 mins so that they will easily pull off.

Tip 5: Cool macarons upside down. I know this sounds weird, but after taking out of oven, let them cool for about a 30 secs-1 minute before flipping them upside. Gravity can help close that little gap at the top!

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below :)

~Stay Sweet Xo


Spotlight: Pistachio Buttercream

Ohh pistachios! Such a versatile nut that can take so many desserts to an elevated level. Whether it’s ice cream to buttercream, pistachios have a way of making your tastebuds crave more and more. With pistachio’s growing popularity, it is only natural that one of my most requested macaron flavors is pistachio! I received so many requests for this recipe that I wanted to share so you can enjoy this delectable treat in the comfort of your own home.


Pistachio Buttercream:

  1. 200g unsalted butter (preferably high % fat content)

  2. 250g powder sugar (more to taste as needed)

  3. 1 tbsp + 1 tsp of pistachio paste (If you like a strong pistachio flavor continue to add 1 tsp at a time until you reach your desired level. I also prefer to use Fiddyment Farms pistachio paste from Amazon)

  4. A couple of drops of green food coloring (optional)


  1. Beat butter for about 5 mins until a light, pale color (almost white) 

  2. Sift the powder sugar. Then add about half of the powder sugar on low, and then continue to beat for another 5 mins on medium speed

  3. Add in the rest of the powder sugar, and continue to beat until sugar is incorporated and reached pale color (make sure to add the powder sugar on low speed so it does not fly everywhere ;) )

  4. When at your desired sweetness level, slowly add in pistachio paste (continue to add a tsp at a time for strong flavor). Then add in food coloring if desired.

  5. Buttercream should be just thick enough so that it holds it shape and won't easily drip/melt


Let me know how it comes out by tagging me in your creations!

Happy Baking!


Spotlight: Nutter Butter Macarons

These “Nutter Butter” macarons are like a dessert time machine back to grade school days. I used to love when my mom would surprise me and put one of the snack packs into my lunch. Ever since I was young, I have a been a HUGE peanut butter fan! Like eat it “straight out of the jar” fan.

As I continue to come up with the latest and greatest macaron flavors, I knew I had to create a peanut butter flavor. And voila, “Nutter Butter” macarons were born :)


Macaron Batter: For this recipe, I used “Indulge with Mimi’s” version: (


  • Beat egg whites in a large bowl with hand mixer on low speed. I prefer a hand mixer because it is a lot easier to control and see when the egg whites are reaching stiff peaks. The more you can keep an eye and see the texture of the egg whites, the less likely you will over whip the whites.

  • Once the egg whites start to leave trails with the beaters, slowly add in the sugar. I usually pour half slowly and beat. Then pour the rest until fully incorporated.

  • Add in the 1/8tsp of cream of tartar

  • Turn the speed up to medium-high and continue to beat until egg whites are soft peaks

  • Put in a few drops of brown food coloring, and continue to beat until whites have reached stiff peaks

  • Sift powder sugar and almond flour together until a fine powder

  • Slowly add in flour mixture a 1/3 at a time into the egg whites. Make sure to fold until flour is incorporated after each third.

  • Once all flour is incorporated, continue to fold and press to the side of the bowl until the batter flows like lava (see my “No Hollows” post for further instruction)

  • Pour 3/4 of mixture into a piping bag with 1/2 inch round piping tip. Pour the remaining mixture into a piping bag with whatever smaller round piping tip you have (I prefer WIlton’s 5)

  • First pip normal circles using the 1/2 tip onto a silicone mat

  • Drop baking sheet on counter to remove all the air bubbles

  • Once air bubbles are removed, pipe lines using the smaller piping tip on the top of the circles to resemble “peanut shell” lines

  • Let rest until the macarons feel firm to the touch

  • Bake in oven at 285F for 6 mins (rotating after 3 mins). Then turn temp up to 310F and bake until feet do not move when slightly touching the tops (about another 5-6 mins)

Peanut Butter Buttercream:


150g unsalted butter (high % fat content)

200g powder sugar (more to taste if not sweet enough)

2 spoonfuls of creamy peanut butter (more to taste)

1 tbsp heavy cream


  • Beat unsalted butter at medium speed until light and fluffy

  • Pour in powder sugar a 1/3 at a time making sure fully incorporated after each 1/3. If not sweet enough for your taste, add in 1/4 cup at at time until reach desired level

  • Once sweetness level is reached, add in the 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter until fully incorporated

  • Add in the 1 tbsp of heavy cream and continue to beat on medium speed. If not smooth or too thick, continue to add 1 tsp of heavy cream at a time

  • Pipe onto macaron shells and enjoy! :)


Spotlight: Caramel Apple Macarons

Nothing says Fall like a good caramel apple! And nothing says “perfect treat” like a caramel apple in MACARON form :) Naturally, I wanted to combine two of my favorite things, and share the goodness with you all. This macaron is a delicious bite size treat which is great because they’re so good you can’t just have one!


Apple Buttercream:

150g unsalted butter (preferably high % fat content) 

170g confectioner sugar (continue to add 1/4 cup until desired consistency and sweetness is reached)

2 tsp Apple extract (I like to start with 2 tsp but if you like it stronger, continue to add 1/2 tsp at a time) 


Beat butter for about 5 mins until a light, pale color (almost white) 

Add in about half of the powder sugar, and continue to beat for another 5 mins 

Add in the rest of the powder sugar, and continue to beat until sugar is incorporated and reached pale color 

Slowly add in extract (and food color if desired) to reach slightly thick consistency

**Make sure to not add too much extract as it could separate your buttercream** 

Caramel Filling:

1 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup water

1/2 cup heavy cream

Pinch of salt to taste


Swirl sugar and water at medium low heat

Color will start to turn to a dark amber after about 10-15 mins

Continuously swirl so that sugar doesn't burn

Remove from heat, and slowly stir in heavy cream (I like to briefly heat the cream in microwave for about 10 seconds, so that it is not too cold where it will harden the caramel)

If caramel starts to harden, put back on still warm burner to help melt the caramel and heavy cream 

Mix in pinch of salt! 

Pour in heat safe container and can keep in fridge for later! 

Once all filling items are complete, pipe buttercream around the edges and fill center with homemade caramel. Sprinkle with small, chopped pieces of apple over caramel if desired. Garnish with caramel and slices of apple for a finished touch!

Spotlight: Mississippi Mud Pie

My oh my! This is hands down my favorite ice cream pie, and I used to request it every year for my birthday! It wasn't until I was older and started baking, that I realized I could make it myself, and didn't have to wait until my birthday! (shhh don't tell my mom!) 

Now you can have it any day of the week too, just follow the simple directions below and you will be in this ooey, gooey Mississippi mud pie heaven in no time! 



1 pkg of Nabisco Chocolate Wafers

3/4 cup of unsalted butter, melted

1 gallon of Coffee ice cream



1. Crush wafers until medium-small pieces in ziplock bag 

2. Add the melted butter to wafer bag and mix well

3. Press wafer mixture into 9" Ince pie pan

4. Cover with coffee ice cream (I leave mine out for 10 mins or so to make it easier to spread)

5. Put into freezer until ice cream is firm

6. Top with your choice of whipped cream, fudge, and extra wafer pieces

And voila, it is easy peasy! Tag me in your creations if you try the recipe, would love to see! :) 


Stay Sweet NYC 



Spotlight: Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bananas. Chocolate. Cookies. An amazing combination that is totally underrated!

Since these cookies have bananas, they should totally become a part of your indulgent weekend brunch!  ;) 

Growing up, my mom would always make banana chocolate chip muffins so I wanted to try recreating that memory into a delectable cookie! 


Recipe: Adapted from Allrecipes


2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour 

2 teaspoons of baking powder

1/2 tsp salt 

1/4 tsp baking soda 

1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar 

2/3 cup unsalted butter, softened 

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 ripe bananas (mashed) 

2 cups of chocolate chips (I prefer Ghirardelli premium baking chips) 


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. Sift the flour, baking powder, salt, and baking soda together, and set aside.
  2. Cream the butter with both sugars until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs and vanilla. Mix in the mashed bananas. Add the flour mixture, and stir until just combined. Stir in the chocolate chips with rubber spatula. (If you feel you need more than 2 cups of chocolate chips, feel free to add to your liking) 
  3. Not a required step, but I like to refrigerate the dough for about 15 mins or so to make the dough more stiff to easily spoon onto baking sheets  
  4. Bake in preheated oven for 12 to 15 minutes. I start to check after 10 mins as my oven can get hot fairly quickly! 


Happy Eating! 

Xo, Stay Sweet

Spotlight: Mango Pie

I took a break from macarons this week to bring you this ah-maze-ing mango pie that will beat all other summer desserts. The secret is that it is SUPER easy, but will impress all your friends in no time! It is the perfect blend because the cream cheese & yogurt base helps balance out the sweetness from the mangos and oranges. 


Pie Crust: Adapted from InspiredTaste

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp sugar

1 cup very cold unsalted butter cut into 1/2 inch cubes

4 to 8 tbsp of ice water 

Couple tbsp of cinnamon sugar 


1. Using a food processor, add 1.5 cups of flour, salt, and sugar. Pulse a couple times until combined 

2. Evenly distribute butter cubes over flour and process until dough or paste forms (leave no uncoated flour) 

3. Scrape and redistribute mixture before adding the remaining flour. Pulse another couple times until dough looks broken up and little crumbly 

4. Transfer to medium bowl and drizzle ice water starting with 4 tbsp. Continue to use a rubber spatula by pressing the dough in itself. If dough still crumbles when pinched, continue to add 1 tbsp of ice water at a time. 

5. Remove dough from bowl and shape just enough to form a disc shape. Then refrigerate for at least an hour 

6. Once dough has firmed, let it sit for 5 mins so it is easier to roll out. Lightly sprinkle flour on surface, top of dough, and rolling pin before rolling out. Continue to lightly sprinkle if dough is sticking to rolling pin, counter, etc. 

7. Once dough is about 1/8" thick and about a 12 inch circle, roll dough around rolling pin for an easy transfer 

8. Gently press dough down into dish so that it lines the bottom and sides of the dish. Make sure to not stretch or tear the dough. Trim leaving 1/2" excess around the edges. Not required, but I like to sprinkle cinnamon sugar around the edges and base of crust :) 

9. Pierce the bottom with a fork to prevent air bubbles. Line crust with two sheets of aluminum foil and push it against across whole pie surface. Then, fill foil with dried rice or pie weights.

10. Refrigerate dough for at least 30 mins while oven preheats to 425F. Place a baking sheet in middle rack while oven preheats. 

11. Place pie crust in oven, and turn temperature down to 400F with foil and pie weights still in tact 

12. Bake for 20-30 mins until golden. Then make an egg wash with 1 egg and 1 tbsp of cream (I use whole milk) and lightly brush across crust 

13. Continue to bake for another 3-5 mins until egg wash is dry and shiny. Cool completely before filling 

Mango Filling: 

6 oz cream cheese 

2/3 cup of Greek yogurt (plain) 

1 tsp orange zest 

2 tbsp orange juice 

4 tbsp granulated sugar 

2 tsp vanilla 

2 mangos 


1. Remove skin from mangos and cut the sides into large chunks. Slice thinly (about 1/8" thick) 

2. Mix cream cheese, yogurt, orange zest, orange juice, sugar, and vanilla in a bowl and beat with mixer until well blended 

3. Pour into pie crust, and even distribute 

4. Starting from the edges, take the larger mango slices and slightly overlap each piece as you go around at the edges. Continue to work your way to the center using the larger pieces down to the small pieces. Your flower will begin to form :) 


Hope you all enjoy and have a happy summer! 



Stay Sweet NYC 



Spotlight: No Bake Bars

This is the EASIEST dessert that you can quickly throw together for a potluck, kid's birthday party, whatever you name it! It is the perfect balance of sweet and salty that you might as well call them crack bars ;) They only require a few common household ingredients, and you will have a extravegant dessert in minutes! 


Step 1: Start with Graham Cracker Base. Mash up enough graham crackers to cover the bottom of a small baking dish (similar to brownie size pan). 

Step 2: Melt enough butter to cover the graham cracker so that they stick together. I start with half a stick but might need 1 to 1.5 sticks to ensure that crackers are coated 

Step 3: Add pretzel layer. Any kind of pretzels will do, but I prefer the regular size

Step 4: Pour chocolate ganache over pretzels. You can use whatever kind of chocolate syrup or Nutella, but chocolate ganache has a nice ring and will impress your guests :)

I use basic ganache recipe: 

8 ounces of semisweet chocolate

1/2 cup heavy cream 

Heat cream and chocolate in microwave safe bowl until begins to steam. Let it sit for a couple minutes and then stir until smooth

Step 5: Scoop your favorite ice cream on top of pretzels. I would recommend letting the ice cream soften a bit so it is easier to spread

Step 6: Top with more graham cracker crumbs, chocolate syrup, and more pretzels 


Enjoy!! Share your feedback below :)