Spotlight: Best Buttercream Ever (Yes Ever!)

Now I enjoy sweets as much as the next person, but I have never been a fan of the buttercream that sends shocks through your teeth because it is too sweet (Whose with me?!) 

In order to save my fellow home bakers a trip to the dentist, I created a buttercream that is so buttery and smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. I had so many requests for the buttercream recipe after sharing these cupcakes with my coworkers that I wanted to share with all my lovely followers! 



150g unsalted butter (Make sure you have a high fat content %, at least over 80%) 

230-250g powder sugar (Some people might like it slightly sweeter so continue to check taste) 

1 tbsp of vanilla extract (or other extract flavoring) 

1 tbsp or so of whole milk only depending if the buttercream has not reached the right spreadable consistency 


Beat butter for about 5 mins until a light, pale color (almost white) 

Add in about half of the powder sugar, and continue to beat for another 5 mins 

Add in the rest of the powder sugar, and continue to beat until sugar is incorporated and reached pale color 

Slowly add in extract (and food color if desired) to reach slightly thick consistency

Buttercream should be just thick enough so that it holds it shape and won't easily drip/melt

Please tag me in your posts if you use this recipe or have any feedback, I would love to hear!!