All that Glitters- 24k Gold Raspberry Macarons

We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then, and when I say “treat yourself”, I mean indulge in life’s finest desserts. Not sure what makes macarons so tantalizing— maybe it’s the jewel tone colors, the decadent fillings or the fact that the most romantic city (aka Paris) has perfected them.

My take on this elegant dessert involves raspberries, Swiss meringue buttercream, and Slo Food Group’s edible gold— can you say luxe?!

I know what you are probably thinking… is the gold really edible? and the answer is yes! Edible gold is extremely delicate (read: careful while handling) and refined that it can instantly take your dessert to another level! Your family and friends might be so impressed that you will be the new designated dessert maker. Can’t say I didn’t warn you :)

Check out the below ways you can incorporate edible gold into your next dessert!

  1. Decorative Details- A great way to use gold is as a decorative detail like in these raspberry macarons. They are easy to apply by just using some kitchen tweezers and draping over fruit, macarons, cakes— anything you name it! You can see how to apply the gold in my video located in my Instagram’s IGTV.

  2. Luxe Linings- Geode cakes continue to be a very popular trend and also an excellent way to incorporate gold! Use the gold leaf to accentuate the geode outline on your next cakes, macarons, etc.! The possibilities are endless!

  3. Coveted coatings- Gold leaf is also a perfect covering to your delicious cake pops! An elegant touch to spruce up your cake pops for weddings, parties, you name it!

Click the picture above to start ordering your gold leaf from SloFoodGroup today- trust it me it will not disappoint!

Enjoy and Stay Sweet!